15 Solid Reasons Why You Should Buy A Power Tower (Tried and Tested)

15 Solid Reasons Why You Should Buy A Power Tower (Tried and Tested)

If you ever heard people talk about gym equipment, there is a good chance that you have heard about power towers and why they are amazing.

However, you might be wondering what makes this piece of exercise equipment so amazing and whether it is worth buying.

I believe that a power tower is one of the best gym equipment pieces that you can invest in.

If you are not quite convinced yet, here is a list of 15 fantastic reasons you should buy a power tower.

Is a Power Tower Really Worth Buying?

Yes, the power tower is gym equipment that is definitely worth buying. It is practically an all-in-one exercise equipment that is perfect for everybody’s home. You can do tons of different exercises that need different equipment conveniently with a power tower! 

If you are not fully convinced yet, here is a list of reasons why you need to get a power tower to enhance your workouts.

Reason 1: You Save A Lot Of Space (Power Tower Combines Multiple Machines)

If you always dreamed of having your own home gym but do not have enough space, then the power tower is exactly what you need.

The power tower is a well-loved piece of exercise equipment because it functions as multiple machines and equipment in one item!

For instance, some things that you can get in most power towers include:

  1. A pull-up bar
  2. Dip station
  3. Vertical abs station (some models have it)
  4. Push-up station
Example of a really solid power tower

The dimensions of most power towers are around 60L x 40W x 85H-in., which means it will not take up much room in your home compared to having tons of bulky equipment! 

Reason 2: Using a Power Tower Saves You A Lot Of Time

Are you tired of having to get ready to go to the gym, walk 20 minutes just in one direction or even worse… wait 5 minutes just to be able to the bench…

If you want to save a ton of time and only focus on the workouts I highly recommend you invest in a power tower.

With a solid model like this one, you can work out immediately without ever having to commute to a gym or a steel fitness playground.

You only need to set up the timer, pick your workout routine and you are ready. No matter what time of the day it is.

This is just the start of the many reasons why you get a power tower – keep reading to see why power towers will become your best fitness friend!

Reason 3: Power Towers Are Portable And Easy To Assemble

As I mentioned earlier, the power tower is not a huge piece of equipment, which means you can move it around your home!

Most power towers do not have to be anchored to a wall or drilled into place and are not too heavy (30-50 lbs), so you can feel free to move them whenever you want.

You can also assemble and disassemble them quickly so you can transfer them to a brand new location as well.

If you are tired of working out inside of your house, you can bring it to your backyard or pop it in your car to workout anywhere outside!

Just make sure the model can keep up with little bit of water and dust!

Reason 4: Buying a Power Tower Is Very Affordable

Some people may be hesitant to buy a power tower at first because it may cost above $100, but it is a fantastic long term investment to make. 

In the long run, a power tower could probably save you money

You will not have to pay for a gym membership if you have a power tower in your home.

Plus, having a power tower in your home means you will buy less workout equipment.

You will not have to spend thousands of dollars on a few different pieces of equipment since a power tower is an all-in-one item. (it contains 4 different machines in 1)

So, a power tower makes your life much simpler and it will be lighter on your wallet!

If you are looking for a good and affordable power tower, then I highly recommend you take a look at my personal favorite power tower<<.

This power tower is super compact yet stable. I use this power tower to do most of my workouts!

Click here to check its latest price on Amazon <<

If the affordable price and portability of a power tower have not convinced you yet, check out the other benefits of a power tower below!

Reason 5: You Can Combine Power Tower with Resistance Bands, Gymnastic Rings, Weighted Vest

Are you struggling to look for a place where you can attach your gymnastic rings, resistance bands, or even a punching bag?

Well, you can bid that problem farewell once you get your hands on a power tower.

Because of it’s height and stability you can easily slip your gymnastic rings on the pull-up bar feature of the power tower.

You can also wrap your resistance bands around the power tower to function as a sturdy attachment!


Are you wondering where you can find the items I mentioned above?

Here are some useful links that can help you:

Reason 6: Power Tower Is Great for Beginners and Experts

People who are new to fitness and seasoned athletes can enjoy a great workout from a power tower!

Many people may think that the power tower is intimidating because they think they do not have enough strength to perform bodyweight exercises.

However, that is far from the truth!

You do not have to be an expert at fitness to do bodyweight exercises with a power tower because you can get a little help from resistance bands.

Some people call resistance bands ‘sports bands’ for a reason.

You can use resistance bands to help you with your workouts and decrease your body weight when you use a power tower! 

The band’s tension gives you a small boost to help you lift yourself.

Over time, you can use bands with less tension and eventually not need resistance bands altogether.

My resistance bands set

If you want some great resistance bands to help you get started on using your power tower, then I highly recommend checking mines out <<.

This set of resistance bands is amazing and lets you do a wide range of workouts and can assist you while you use a power tower!

Now you might be wondering what muscles a power tower targets – keep reading to find out the answers!

Reason 7: You Can Use Your Power Tower to Target All of Your Muscles

One of the best parts of a power tower is that it already includes a pull-up bar!

Back and Forearms

According to this study [1], pull-ups are an excellent way to grow your back muscles.

Example of using the pull-up bar

You can do a variety of pull-ups using the power tower to strengthen your back and grip.

Plus, the power tower makes it convenient to do chin-ups, which is another great way to get bigger back muscles.

This study [2] states that chin-ups are also a great way to grow your forearms, too! Whenever you lift your body weight, your forearm muscles develop and get stronger. 

Chest Muscles, Biceps, and Triceps

If you want a one-stop solution to grow your triceps, biceps, and chest, then a power tower is exactly what you need.

You can do push-ups with the dips station in the power tower, which is an effective and great way to develop the muscles in your chest, shoulders, and biceps.

Another excellent bodyweight exercise that you can do to get a killer upper body workout is tricep dips. That is because tricep dips work the muscles in your shoulders, triceps, and chest.

According to this study [3], tricep dips are an effective exercise and I definitely suggest that you add to your workout plans. 

If you want to focus on growing your chest muscles more, you can slightly lean forward while you do tricep dips!

Abs and Core

If you want to get a killer set of abs, then the power tower is a great investment to make if you want an ab station.

One example of an ab workout that you can do on a power tower is a vertical knee raise. A vertical knee raise targets your lower abdomen, which helps you get more defined abs. 

To get the most out of doing a vertical knee, I suggest that you try to raise your knees high enough to get optimal activation in your ab muscles.

Leg Muscles

While power towers are well known for helping you build your upper body and abs, it does not mean your legs will not get a workout!

For instance, you can use the horizontal bar of a power tower to perform single-leg squats

Now that we covered what muscles a power tower will strengthen, there are a few more key benefits you need to know about. 

Keep reading to find out what they are!

Reason 8: With The Help Of a Power Tower You Can Train In Any Weather, at Any Time

Most power towers are made to withstand most weather and tempearture changes meaning you can use it both inside and outside.

But the best part about that is that you can train at home no matter what the weather is outside.

Even if it’s too hot, cold, raining, snowing, or there is a huge storm you can still train.

Yes, you can do it even in the middle of the night.

Reason 9: Owning a Power Tower is Really Convenient

While the gym can be a great place, it can also be very frustrating.

You have to wait for other people to finish using equipment, follow rules, deal with cleaning up other people’s sweat, etc.

When you have a power tower in your house, it is like you have your own gym all in the convenience and comfort of your own home.

You can blast your favorite music, train with your friends, and do whatever you want!

You don’t have to follow any rules and obey with anyone.

You can do whatever you want at anytime. You have the convenience to train in your room or garage.

Reason 10: You Can Use Your Body Weight to Build Muscle Mass, Strength and Endurance

A power tower is an excellent tool to build muscle mass, endurance, and strength.

Are you wondering what exercises you can do to get stronger?

Well, here are some examples.

With the help of a power tower you can do:

  • Push-Ups
  • Chin-Ups
  • Pull-Ups
  • Hanging Leg Raises
  • Dips
  • Shoulder Push-ups
  • Sit-Ups
  • One leg squat
  • Muscle-Ups
  • Explosive Dips
  • Etc.

And those exercises are only a few examples…

The possibilities and combinations you can do with the help of a power tower and other equipment are practically huge!

If you want to learn more about power towers and how you can benefit from using one, keep reading to learn why!

Reason 11: Power Towers are Easy to Use

If you are a beginner to working out, you might be confused whenever you see tons of buttons, lights, switches, sliders, etc. on a lot of the workout equipment.

Or even worse… the exercises…

You will never get a headache trying to figure out how to use a power station because it is simple and straight to the point.

You simply hold the handles and start doing the exercises. There isn’t any additional weight, any complicated positions, cables so you are less likely to get injured.

That is why power towers are so liked for both fitness experts and complete beginners.

There is no fuss or frills when it comes to this piece of equipment.

All you gotta do is hop on your power tower to do a hanging leg raise, a pull-up, or whatever you want without the fear of injuring yourself…

Speaking of which…

Reason 12: Power Towers Are Really Safe To Use

Another huge reason why power towers are worth every penny that you spend is that they are incredibly durable, sturdy, and most importantly – safe.

Using your own bodyweight to train is a lot safer than using free weights, cable machines, etc.

You do not have to worry about accidentally dropping a weight on your foot, the cable machine breaking on you, etc.

Most power towers are made out of heavy-duty metal with wide and stable bases so there isn’t any reason to be worry about.

If you buy the right one you can be assure that you will have no problem training with this power towe for years!

That’s why this equipment is great for people just start working out while still learning the basics.

Your chances of getting injured or hurt are lower when you use a power tower.

Reason 13: Power Towers Are Versatile

You can easily get bored and tired of doing the same workouts if you are limited with your choices of workout equipment.

Plus, you need to change up your workouts from time to time to shock your body to make sure your muscles keep growing! [5]

Luckily, you can have fun and unique workouts that will help you keep up your progress with the help of your power tower.

Because of it’s unique design you can try many different exercises and workouts to target more muscle groups and keep getting stronger!

For instance, you can do chin-ups, stomach crunches, single-leg squats, wide grip pull-ups, inverted rows with just one piece of equipment!

And that’s only a small fraction. Imagine what you can do when you combine it with resistance bands, gymnastic rings and such…

Reason 14: You Can Even Do Explosive Training on a Power Tower

Do you really want to work up a sweat and get an intense workout done? Well, you can do that with a power tower!

You can do easily do explosive training if your power tower is attached to the floor or wall.

But even if it’s not if you place enough weight on top of it you have the option to do:

  • Front/Back lever
  • Planche
  • Explosive dips
  • Muscle-Ups (if there is enough space available above you)
  • Explosive pull-ups
  • Explosive dips
  • and much more…

If you are looking for a solid and heavy power tower to do explosive, then you should click here to check this one out<<.

This is the best power tower for explosive training because it weighs 150-lbs, can be attached to the floor and it can support up to 400-lbs.

Reason 15: Power Towers Help You Develop Your Grip Strength

One thing you should never overlook is your grip strength.

Your grip strength helps you do everyday tasks, such as carrying items or simply having the power to lift heavy stuff.

Plus, it can enhance your overall health, longetivity and improves your training and help you do exercises like a deadlift, rows, shoulder press, shrugs and more. [6]

A power tower lets you do tons of exercises that will help you strengthen your grip, like chin-ups, pull-ups, and more!

Now that we covered some great reasons why you should get a power tower, you might have a few questions left on your mind.

Let’s check them out!

How Much Should I Spend on a Power Tower?

How much you should spend on a power tower will depend on what you want from your power tower. I would say a good price range would be anywhere from $100-$400 if you want to invest in a good power tower to help you get an all-around workout.

Try to avoid anything that is under $100 because that could mean you are getting a poorly made power tower.

Anything above $400 can be too expensive, and might not be worth your money.

So, what is a good power tower that is within a $100-$400 price range?

The best power tower under $200 you can get.
The best power tower under $200 you can get.

Well, you can click here to see a good mid-range power tower that I recommend, which is around $200<<.

This power tower is great because you can do so many exercises like vertical knee raises, pull-ups, push-ups, and more at an affordable price!

So, now that you know the ideal price range, does this mean you should still buy a power tower?

Should I Buy a Power Tower? (Is it really worth it?)

The simple answer is yes, you should buy a power tower if you are looking to buy gym equipment. It is a fantastic way to build muscle, lose fat, and keep your workouts versatile and fun at an affordable price. 

Are you wondering what you should look for in power towers and which ones are the best?

If you want to know about the best power towers, you can look at my article called Top 5 Power Towers You Must See<<.

In that article, I get into detail about 5 different power towers to help you decide which one will be the best choice for you.

All in All

You can get a solid home workout without burning a hole through your pocket with a power tower.

It lets you work out nearly every muscle in your body, won’t take up a lot of space in your house, and is super affordable!

If you could only buy one piece of gym equipment, then I strongly suggest that you get a power tower.

If you want to learn more about power towers, calisthenics, and more, then you can read my other articles:

Having a personal home gym does not have to be expensive or impossible – you can get everything you need for killer workouts by getting a power tower today.

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