Why Are Calisthenics Guys Skinny? Let’s Find Out The TRUTH

I looked at myself in the mirror and I wasn’t happy with what I saw. 

Even with all my hard work and regular workouts I wasn’t gaining any new muscle and size.

This was my sixth month of doing bodyweight exercises and I had very little to no progress. 

I had some strength and muscle developed but my overall physique was going nowhere. 

I was still skinny and I hated it.

It started to get really frustrating. I was tired of not be able to gain any new muscle and size.

Maybe all my haters were right… Maybe calisthenics guys were supposed to be skinny after all…

One of the worst things I hated was when I was wearing clothes. If they weren’t a t-shirt you would never guess that I took care of my body. I’ve had enough. 

It had to end now. It’s time to get big.

I had to find a solution FAST…

Hi there, my name is Bozhidar and in this article, I will answer this very common question most of us have with the help of my personal experience combined with science:

Why are calisthenics guys skinny?

Keep reading because by the end of this blog post you will learn the hard truth behind these few words and most importantly what can you actually do on that matter.

Ready to learn new stuff?

Ok, let’s jump right in!

Are Calisthenics Guys Actually Skinny and Why? 

After being stuck at my current weight for a couple of months I was really getting discouraged. 

Was I alone? I can’t be alone right? 

With a few Google searches I learned the hard truth: 

There were actually a lot of people struggling just like me. 

The majority of people who are beginners and do bodyweight exercises regularly are somewhat skinny and their biggest problem was building more muscle.

That meant I wasn’t alone. 

Hundreds and thousands of people worldwide had the exact same problem – they didn’t know what to do in order to gain more muscle and size with the help of their own body weight. 

After my painful discovery, I was shocked. Was it that difficult? 

It seems like it…

Slowly sadness and depression took over me. I was feeling hopeless and frustrated. 

I didn’t know what to do.

Was the problem within the training? Was the problem with my technique or rest period?

Maybe my body weight wasn’t enough resistance for me. 

I know that’s not likely because I have seen many big and muscular guys in gymnastics, on Youtube and even in person on the street workout playgrounds.

The Bar Brothers are very big

Most of them only their body weight as resistance and are 2 times bigger than me

What the hell I’m doing wrong?

Why the majority of calisthenics guys are skinny while there are people that do the exact same things and are huge?

I knew I was missing something but what?

After a few more weeks of complete misery and unproductive workouts, I have had enough. 

I couldn’t do this anymore.

It seemed like my DIY (do it yourself) workout plan and nutrition weren’t working anymore. In the beginning, everything was awesome but not anymore. 

So instead of continuing doing something that wasn’t working I stopped and evaluate my whole situation. 

I wasted 6 months of training by doing everything by myself but for some reason, it wasn’t working anymore.

Finally, my common sense overpowered my pride and ego and I asked for help.

And that was the best decision I have ever made. 

Only after a couple of weeks, I was again getting bigger, stronger and happy with my new results.

Here’s how it all happened…

The Real Reason Why Many People Doing Calisthenics Are Skinny and Don’t See Results

If I have to answer this question with only 4 words it would sound like this:

I asked for Help

One sunny day I and my buddies were out in the nearest street workout playground and were killing it.

This is our street workout playground

The sun was shining far above us while we were doing push-ups, pull-ups, and dips. After we finished our workout I decided to share my concerns and asked for some advice.

I went to the oldest and biggest guy from our group called Ivan and explained to him my situation and frustrations. 

He listened very carefully and finally told me that I was lacking proper training and the main reason why I was stuck was because of the lack of progressive overload and progress in my workouts.

In short, I was doing the same old workouts without trying to progress in any way, shape or form. I was simply repeating everything without having any plan of getting stronger or more bigger.

He also recommended me that I should find a good workout plan focused on slow but steady progression. 

But because I’m a beginner the best thing I could do is simply to buy a good already done for you workout program for a reasonable price.

That way I’m going to save myself a lot of time, future failure and headaches.

Don’t be cheap man, spend some money and speed up your results. Sometimes you have to pay in order to get the best results” – he told me.

It’s funny how I remember those few words even now. 

After learning the hard truth about why most people struggle with the progress I asked him if he knew any good workout program I could follow. 

After a short pause, he recommended me this program called Bar Brothers The System.

I was very familiar with who the bar brothers were because I watch a lot of Youtube videos but I didn’t know they offered a complete course about calisthenics.

After asking a couple more of my other workout buddies about this program and learning that it was good I decided to buy it.

Here’s what happened next…

How I Gained More Muscle and Size With Calisthenics and Stopped Being Skinny

After buying the Bar Brothers The System program I immediately started to follow it very strictly. 

This time I was determined that I’m not going to fail again. I was going to get bigger no matter what.

I saw my first results in only 2-3 weeks of time after my first workout. 

The main reason why I think this happened was because this whole program is entirely based on the science behind progressive overload and hardcore short workouts.

Man, I was so happy that I finally was getting somewhere. After being stuck for half a year the feeling of actually getting somewhere was absolutely amazing.

All my hard work finally started to pay off.

Once I saw my results in the mirror and on the pull-up bar, I finally got it

I had found a working formula that was really working.


If you are curious and want to learn more about this calisthenics program I highly recommend you to check out my complete in-depth Bar Brothers The System review <<.

In there I share my results and give a ton of useful information.

Finally, I have cracked the code. I knew what was the main reason why so many people struggle with gaining size and strength.

It has nothing to do with hard work. It has nothing to do with genetics or equipment.

Hell, I was skinny myself and didn’t own any equipment except my awesome wall-mounted pull-up bar I have attached in my room. And even so, I made it.

If you want to check it out I would recommend you click this link. It’s a very sturdy pull up bar and is perfect for anybody who wants to be able to do pull-ups in their home. 

The main reason why I believe huge amount of people fail is the lack of the right knowledge

Yes, I knew a lot of stuff in the beginning but I was still stuck and wasting time and energy on inefficient workouts. 

So in order to gain useful knowledge and information you have 2 options:

  1. Learn it by trial and error and waste a lot of time, money and energy
  2. Pay some cash and learn if from someone who has already done it (or gain it for free if you know the person)

Most people get stuck on the first option. That’s the main reason why so many people doing calisthenics are skinny and don’t see big results.

That’s why I highly recommend you to get all the information you need as fast as you can. 

If you know somebody really experienced who can help you, don’t hesitate to ask him for help. 

If you have some money set aside invest them into a nice calisthenics course.

If you are looking for a well structured and working calisthenics course I highly recommend you to take a look at the Bar Brothers The System program.

If you want to learn more about it click here to read my complete review on that program <<.

Trust me this program is worth every penny. If you are not using it you are missing a lot.

So after you know what’s the main cause of the “skinny guy syndrome” you are left with a choice:

  1. Do absolutely nothing and start watching funny cat videos on Youtube.
  2. Keep reading because I will share with you some great applicable knowledge I learned throughout my journey.

I hope you picked the second option because we are just getting into the real deal!

Here we go…

Are You A Skinny Calisthenics Guy? Do These 5 Things And Become Big 

Here are my top 5 favorite things I learned throughout my journey of transforming my skinny body to bigger, leaner and more muscular physique.

1. Be Extremely Patient

I’ve decided to add this tip from the start because I believe thisis the most important one

Remember that real results TAKE time. Yes, it’s going to be a lot more than you expect.

I will only eat once the food is served!

Heck, I needed a couple of months before I saw any serious progress in my body. 

Yes, you can see some progress in a far shorter period than that but if you want extremely good results remember that it’s going to take several months.

Don’t trust all those fools and scammers who promise “extremely fast and easy results, no hard work required, drink this stuff and you will become Hulk, blah blah blah”. 

I have NEVER ever achieved anything special without doing absolutely nothing in return.

If you want to run a marathon you have to jog a lot. It won’t happen by you sitting on the couch and watching football all day.

The same thing applies to calisthenics.

you want to build a lot of muscle you are going to need to follow a very good workout program, eat the right foods, sleep well and be consistent. 

It’s not magic and certainly is not fast or easy. 

Patience is the key to all great fitness results you see, no matter what specific sport or discipline we are talking about. 

It’s all the same.

2. Push Yourself To The Limit

Oh boy, I have to admit that I really suck in this one.

I suck but she doesn’t

Well, not all the time but sometimes I do. 

The goal here is simple:

No matter what exercise you do you should give your best in every single repetition or movement.

You must push yourself past the limit of pain and discomfort in order to complete it. 

I know that’s a lot easier to say than done but that’s how I have achieved my biggest results. 

All I had to do is to complete all the movements I felt uncomfortable with and hated. 


In the past, I had a very weak grip and my forearms were quickly burning out even if I wasn’t finished with my sets.

The solution to my problem was simple – I had to do a couple of hanging sets till failure.

The constant burn you get near the end is really bad and I hated doing it.

But because of my constancy and habit of doing the things I hate now I have developed a pretty decent grip strength.

You can apply the same logic to everything you do. 

If you do so you are almost guaranteed to have good results.

3. Don’t Be Cheap

I’m not saying that you should spend every dime you have on useless junk you don’t need.

And certainly don’t save it under your bed like this is your last day on Earth.

Money… the king of empty souls

Sometimes paying someone or getting something is going to really speed up your results

I know that many of you who are reading this probably won’t have hundreds of dollars available but don’t worry. You won’t need that much. Not even close. 

You can find absolutely amazing information in the form of different courses, programs and 1 to 1 coaching for as little as $30 to $50 bucks.

Trust me paying $40 bucks now can save you months of frustration, anger and lack of results.

If I haven’t bought Bar Brothers The System I would probably still be stuck. 

This program taught me a lot of help me get a lot better in calisthenics in a short period of time.

If you have the money available I highly recommend you to read my full review by clicking here <<.

Even if you don’t want to please understand that being cheap isn’t going to help you at all.

Especially when it comes to knowledge and experience.

And you don’t want to be like one of those people on Extreme Cheapskates right?

4. Don’t stop moving forward

I know how comfortable things could become when you get used to your training routine. 

Doing the same exercises in the same line or doing the same number of reps using the same resistance and technique. 

But that’s exactly how you get stuck.

Hmmm.. 10 or 9 reps? I can’t remember

By getting comfortable and ignoring the basic rules of progressive overload you are preparing yourself for disaster.

That’s why it is extremely important to keep moving forward and keep your progress going.

Example: Last week I managed to do 3 sets of pull-ups with 12 repetitions per set. This week my goal is going to be to do 13 repetitions for the first and second set. Next week I will try 14, etc. 

The point I’m trying to make is that in order to see results you need to progress

If you do 10 reps of the same exercises for 3 months straight without adding any resistance or increasing the number you are not going to get bigger or stronger.

The same rule applies to every movement you can think of. 

The more reps, longer hold or greater resistance you use, the better results you will get.

5. Eat enough food

I know this sounds pretty basic advice but it’s probably one of the most important things you can do. 

Even if your training is your point but you are not eating enough food you are going to keep being skinny no matter what you do. 

What are you staring? I want more gainz!

Sadly that’s the reality.

I know this isn’t the best advice but the simplest thing you can do right now is to weigh yourself every week

If you don’t see any progress or even a decrease in weight, you should increase the total number of calories and foods you eat. 

Your goal should be to track your weight and food and write them down somewhere.

Depending on your progression increase or decrease your daily portions and amount of calories. 

I know it’s not a fun or interesting thing to do but please answer this question:

How the hell are you going to know if you are going in the right direction if you don’t know where you were 7 days ago?

Do you now see the logic behind it?

That’s why you have to eat, eat and eat.

Without nutrition, all your hard work and sweat is going to be done for nothing.

And these are all my 5 tips. 

Let’s do a quick recap of what you should do:

  1. Have very good patience.
  2. Don’t believe in miracles and unrealistic results.
  3. Get outside your comfort zone when working out.
  4. Give your best and feel the burn in every rep you do.
  5. Don’t be cheap and invest in yourself.
  6. Learn from people far better than yourself.
  7. Aim to constantly progress in by increasing the number of reps, resistance or time under tension you do.
  8. Eat enough food and calories every day.
  9. Track down your progress and meals and adapt everything to your needs.
  10. Take action.

Do you see something different?

Yep, I’ve added the last part because it’s the more important one

It doesn’t really matter how much you know if you never do anything with it.

So the most important advice I can give is this: 

Take Action Now! 


Now you know why most calisthenics guys are skinny.

But most importantly you also know what are the main reasons that cause this and what to do in order not to end up there.

If you use all the advice and tips I have given you are not going to have any problems with calisthenics.

If you want to take your calisthenics skills to the next level I highly recommend you to take a look at my honest Bar Brothers The System program review from here <<.

Inside this course, you are going to learn everything you need in order to become big, strong and muscular. 

But remember even with the best information in the world in your hands is useless if you don’t do anything with it.

If you want to learn more great stuff about calisthenics I recommend you to check out some of my other related articles on that topic:

Thank you very much for reading this article. If you have any questions or thoughts don’t forget to leave them in the comment section below.

I’m going to do my best to help you.

Hope to see you again,

– Bozhidar

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