Muscle Memory with Calisthenics and Weight Training (How It Works)

Having muscle memory can really speed your results if for some reason you stop training for a while. Here’s how it has helped me personally and how it works according to science.

What are you going to learn?

  • What is muscle memory and how it works
  • How long does muscle memory last (According to science) 
  • When muscle memory really helps (my experience)
  • Muscle memory vs No muscle memory (in Calisthenics and Weight Training)

What is muscle memory and how it works

Muscle memory is the process in which information about the muscle fibers is “remembered” by the body. [1]

So in case of injury, sickness, or other activity that may cause weight and strength loss for a long period of time (in many cases even years) you can recover much quicker compared to having to start from scratch and regain all the muscle mass and strength fast.

In simpler words it really helps you regain your progress in case something bad happens very quickly. 

How long does muscle memory last (According to science)

According to this study done in 2016 muscle memory can last from anywhere from 15 years until lifetime. [2]

So that means that you really have to do the hard and slow work only once in the beginning and use it to your advantage all your life.

When muscle memory really helps in Calisthenics & Weight Training (my experience)

During my life I personally have had a couple of periods when I stopped training for a couple of months due to injuries ,depression or lack of motivation (yes, I’m not perfect either).

But I noticed that every time I started to workout regularly and eat healthy I would get bigger and stronger literally by every single workout I do. (I’m not joking at all and no I’m not using any gear!)

Sure, the start would be rough because I won’t be near what I was capable of in terms of strength and endurance.

Because of all the hundreds and thousands of repetitions and workouts my technique would be a bit rusty but almost perfect.

And when you combine good technique, muscle memory and enough healthy food miracles do happen.

In only a couple of weeks and even months I would completely get back my strength and muscle mass and start doing all the reps, sets and use the same weights as before.

And this applies to both my calisthenics and weight training. 

But the biggest compliment any person can get is from their other people. Without even asking my girlfriend and friends started noticing my gains and to be honest that did really give me extra motivation to keep recovering.

So if you want to get motivated and feel good about what you do I would recommend you to take a couple of pictures or film a video of yourself before you begin and ask somebody to track you down honestly.

It will really help you with your progress.

So from my personal experiences I can tell that muscle memory is absolutely insane.

Muscle memory vs No muscle memory (in Calisthenics and Weight Training)

When I hear the phrase “muscle memory” a really amazing story pops in my mind.

It happened a few years ago when I watched an episode of “Extreme Weight Loss” (it’s a TV Show that shows amazing body transformation in case you have never heard it). 

I can’t remember the contestant’s name but what I do know for sure is that when he was in his 20’s he used to be a very strong and fit athlete.

But as years passed he let himself go because of job, depression, family problems, etc. 

At the time I was watching the episode he was in his 40’s which is around 20 years without any proper training and nutrition.

During this long period he sadly became extremely overweight and completely lost all his progress.

But once he got help from the host, fixed his nutrition and started working out again he started regaining his strength and muscle mass super fast despite all the extra weight he had.

And because of his regained muscle mass, strength, endurance and explosive power he started to drop his extra weight extremely fast.

The host and everyone involved was shocked and couldn’t believe how much muscle he has gained while getting rid of all his excess fat.

And guess what – it was all because of his past efforts he did 20 years prior. 

The mind forgets, but the body remembers. Aka “muscle memory” is an actual thing.

If he had to start his weight loss journey without any past experience in working out and eating healthy it would have taken him way more time and effort to achieve the same exact thing.  

So build the habits of eating healthy and working out regularly as soon as possible.

It doesn’t really matter if you use your own body weight, go to the gym or do any other sport.

Who knows, maybe your body’s memory could potentially save your life and help you recover 20, 30, 40 years from now…

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