Top 5 Best Wrist Wraps for Calisthenics 2022 You MUST See

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It’s very important to protect your wrists during workouts and buying the best pair of wrist wraps for calisthenics can really help you achieve this. 

Especially if you want to prevent future wrist pain [1] , boost your physical performance and protect your wrists from serious injuries.

When you learn all the nasty stuff…

But which wrist wraps to get? How to know which ones are going to fit you the best?

And most importantly…

Which wrist wraps are going to offer the best wrist protection…

Sadly like many other people, I didn’t listen and bought the first ones I saw, kept training like usual until one day I felt really bad pain on my right wrist.

And the worst part was that because of that I couldn’t train for the next 7 days because I needed to recover.

If you don’t want to repeat the same mistake and lose your progress I highly recommend you use solid wrist wraps like mine.

Here’s which wrist wraps I currently use and highly recommend…

But before I show you the straps I want to tell you really important.

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Hi there, my name is Bozhidar and I’m the dude who had nasty wrist pain because he didn’t use the correct wrist wraps.

But not anymore.

Because of my failure, I did some serious research and bought these amazing wrist wraps I want to share with you.

So keep reading till the end because I’m going to help you pick and buy the best wrist wraps for calisthenics or any other similar sport you may need them.

So without any delays, choose your favorite lightsaber, pick a wide enough robe and sit tight on your seat because we are going to travel with the speed of light…

Here we go…

Are you in a hurry?

If you don’t have the time to read the entire article I highly recommend you to check out and invest in these Rogue wrist wraps I’m currently using:

My current wrist wraps

Click Here to check my Rogue Wrist Wraps’ latest price on Amazon

I really like these straps because they are very tough, well made and look like new even after a couple of months of constant use.

These wraps are very easy to wash, use double sticking and don’t smell only after a couple of workouts.

My favorite things about these Rogue wrist wraps are the overall length and thickness which is enough to provide you with nice support without feeling too bulky and uncomfortable.

Another great feature I really enjoy is the small thumb loop you got.

Sadly I didn’t have a thumb loop in my last ones and they were constantly moving up and down which was really annoying…

Finally, I want to mention the price because I believe it’s way too low for such awesome quality.

In my opinion, if you are going to buy wrist wraps for calisthenics you have to go with these ones.

They are excellent and offer everything you really need.

Click Here to check my Rogue Wrist Wraps’s price on Amazon

With that being said, let’s answer one really important question which is probably bothering you a lot…

Do you really need to use wrist wraps for calisthenics?

Let’s answer this question as honestly as possible.

Wrist wraps are not really essential for working out but are highly recommended because they protect your wrists from pain, injuries and help you improve your form and physical performance.

As you can see wearing good wrist wraps is really helpful and is going to bring really good benefits in the long term.

The main benefit of wearing wrist wraps is to protect your wrists from additional stress, injury [2], and pain. [3]

They do this by helping your wrist stay in straight line while doing various different exercises and movements.

Here’s an example of a good (left) vs bad (right) form

As you can see this is the main reason why I highly recommend you to get a pair.

Some of the calisthenics movements that put on a lot of stress on your wrists are push-ups, dips, muscle-ups, planks, different ab exercises, and much more. 

And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

There are hundreds of different exercises and movements in many different types of training that are far worse than those I’ve just shown you…

Help, my wrists….

That’s why I really believe the words:

Better be safe than sorry!

In addition to that wearing, wrist wraps also protect your wrist joints and helps with fatigue. [4]

As you can see they are your wrists’ best friends!

Unfortunately, I know how uncomfortable it can get when straps dig deep into your skin when doing certain exercises…

But if you get a nice pair of thick wrist wraps underneath you will feel like a new man. 

So yes, wrist wraps can also be used as an extra layer of protection against skin-eating straps.

Did somebody say extra layer?

Another interesting benefit you are going to get is improved overall performance.

By having straight wrists you would have the power to complete a few more reps. [5]

Don’t believe me? 

Put on a nice set of wraps and try for yourself!

With that question out of the way, it’s time to see which are the top 5 best wrists wraps for calisthenics…

Top 5 Best Wrist Wraps for Calisthenics You Must See

Even if I’m currently using only the Rogue wrist wraps that doesn’t mean I haven’t tried other good ones.

Here’s are my top 5 favorite calisthenics wrist wraps that you should try.

Click the product name or picture if you want to check their current price.

Before we start I want to let you know that all 5 products reviewed below have been used by me or somebody I know so they are all good products.

Additionally, they all have decent prices, are made from high-quality materials and are going to last. 

Even if they are all wrist straps they have some important differences one another so pick the one that fits your needs the best. 

Here we go…

1. Rogue Wrist Wraps – Best Wrist Wraps for Calisthenics That I Use

My favorite current wrist wraps

Click Here to check my Rogue Wrist Wraps’s price on Amazon

The first pair of wrist wraps we are going to review is made from a very notable company in this industry. 

Rogue is offering these great wraps in 7 different color combinations with 3 sizes to choose from – 12“,18“ and 24“.

If you are female I would recommend you go for the 12” option and if you are a male pick the 18” or 24 “. 

You can really trust the quality of this item is going to be high because one of the biggest names in the fitness industry stands behind it. 

Rogue has made things easier by adding the thumb loop which you have the option to use or not. 

I personally don’t believe this is a crucial aspect of a good product but it’s always better to have it than not. The product price is reasonable and well worth the quality you are getting in return. 

The 3” width is going to be enough so you can get ideal support throughout your whole wrist making it a great option for calisthenics and many other types of training. 

What I like about this product is the fact that it’s made out of the combination of the top 3 best materials you want to have.

We are talking about 50% cotton (soft, breathable and moisture absorbing), 40% elastin (flexible and lightweight) and 10% polyester (very durable). 

I believe that’s one of the main reasons why this product is included in our list.

Every wrap comes with fast and easy hook and loop velcro closure. That type of system is one of the best options because it’s very easy to use and allows quick adjustments. 

With this awesome pair, you are also getting a 90-day warranty.

Quick Summary:

For the amount of money you are going to pay for these you are getting everything you really want in a good pair of wrist wraps. I’m talking about nice materials, great size and length, many color options and thumb loop. And it’s not only me – over 400 people have left similar opinions on the review page. Check it for yourself.


  • Big variety of colors and sizes
  • Made by a well-known trustworthy brand
  • Uses quality materials
  • Good price and warranty
  • Fast velcro closure system
  • Has additional thumb loop


  • Few people have quality issues after a few months
  • Some people find them way too stretchy

Click Here to check my Rogue Wrist Wraps’s price on Amazon

2. Nordic Lifting Wrist Wraps – Best Value [2 Pairs]

The second offer from Nordic Lifting is something you won’t find very often. 

For the price of 1, you are getting 2 pairs of a total of 4 wrist wraps. 

I believe that’s a great bargain you don’t want to miss because it saves you money.

And as a bonus, you can give the extra pair to somebody else or save it as an extra. I currently am not aware of anything similar so go check it out if you want. 

What I find interesting is the fact that they are designed so every wrap can fit both left and right arm. I know that isn’t such a big deal but it can be useful in certain situations. 

When it comes to quality Nordic Lifting has made a great job and has a pretty similar outcome compared to the first product. 

They have created a pair that is lightweight, stretchy and made from good materials. 

These wraps use unisex design which has a good length (14”) and width (3”) in order to fit comfortably most people. The additional thumb loops can be an important thing to have for some people. 

What I like is the extra-wide velcro locking system which will result in a stronger holding in one place during workouts. 

Unfortunately, these wraps are not machine washable and need to be washed by hand but that’s not a big deal because that can be done rather quickly. 

Nordic Lifting and well known for the good customer support they provide and with the great 1-year free replacement guarantee you get.

Quick Summary:

For the price of 1 pair you are getting 2. And not only that. In my opinion these wraps have all the important features you need and are going to last you a while.

Even if you have some issues with the first pair don’t forget the fact that you have a second. By the time I’m writing this this product has over 1400 positive reviews. With that many sales I don’t know what to say. The numbers speak for themselves.


  • You get 2 pairs for the price of 1
  • Great quality and materials
  • Good length and width
  • Provides with good wrist support 
  • 1-year free replacement policy


  • Some people have issues with the velcro
  • Not machine washable

Click Here to check their latest price on Amazon

3. MANIMAL Straps – Designed to Last

The third option we are going to check out is made from a brand named Manimal. If you compare it to the previous 2 models you will see why it’s on our list. 

This pair comes with 7 different color options to choose from. 

Manimal really does stand behind their product and gives you a lifetime defect and craftsmanship guarantee. 

Even with it’s a higher price than the majority of competitors I believe Manimal wraps are designed and made a lot better. 

Cheap knockoffs don’t stand a chance if the long term. No matter what product you are buying I’m a firm believer than sometimes quality does come with a price.

This product offers the same great features – a solid velcro closing system and a thumb loop for extra assistance. 

This model has the standard 3” width and 14” length making it a comfortable wear for both the majority of men and women. 

With the help of some cold water and soap, you can wash them quickly. A little bonus is that there is no left or right wrap. Each piece can be worn on any hand you like. 

Even with it’s higher price I still think this is a great product to have because of the many happy customers there are.

And what I honor is the fact that with every pair sold Manimal support a different charity. 

I haven’t seen any other company doing such a thing so that’s a very good thing to have. And let’s not forget the 60-day warranty you are also getting.

Quick Summary:

I believe that even with a little higher price than the average wraps Manimal has proven that every additional penny is worth it. Their product is on this list because it’s simply good.

With good thickness and length, these wraps are going to provide you with great wrist support for your calisthenics workouts. Currently they have over 100 great reviews. And that’s for a reason – they do what is expected of them.


  • Very good built-in quality
  • Designed to last
  • Good color options
  • Strong velcro and thumb loop
  • Good length and width
  • Sales support Charity


  • Price may be too high
  • Not machine washable

Click Here to check their latest price on Amazon

4. WOD Wear Wrist Wraps – Longest Straps

With the fourth option, WOD Wear does stand out from the rest because of the different design they use. 

They have made their wrist wraps to be thinner and stretchier compared to most of the similar models into this price range.

I find this approach interesting and useful because it is true that some of the other wraps can be too thick and stiff making them uncomfortable to wear. 

I may also say that for me personally, these have one of the best looks which are enhanced by the 9 different color palettes they are offered in. WOD Wear does also provide discounts if you decide to buy more than 1 pair. 

What I find quite interesting is the fact that they are mostly made from heavy-duty cotton. 

Cotton is proven to be very breathable, not itchy or rigged material than can be very durable and comfortable to wear. 

An additional to that every wrap is made by double-layered stitching for extra durability.

With its multifunctional size (3” wide and 33” long) WOD Wear has created a longer but more comfortable product. It’s designed so it fits both men and women. 

People are happy with the proper wrist support they are providing with the help of the unique twist tight locking system. 

I believe that to some extent this could be even a better solution than velcro because there is no wear and tear after a few weeks or months of usage. 

If you decide to go for this model you won’t have to worry about good customer support.

Quick Summary:

If you are looking for something unique that is going to be very comfortable to wear and at the same time provide you with strong wrist support you should definitely check out these WOD wraps.

I like their thinner and longer design made with cotton and extra strong stitches. And the price and overall quality are actually very decent. Their quality is backed up by 500+ happy customers by the time I’m writing this.


  • Thinner design made with cotton
  • Double layer stitching
  • Offered in 9 different colors
  • Breathable, not itchy and stretchier design
  • Provide with good wrist support 
  • Good customer service


  • Don’t have thumb loops
  • Take little more time to take on and off

Click Here to check their latest price on Amazon

5. Plate Fitness Wrist Wraps – Most Affordable 

With the fifth and final item from our top 5 list, we are going to provide you with one of the most affordable options on the market. 

But don’t worry, a lower price doesn’t always mean low quality.

Plate Fitness Products has created one very decent quality item that is most likely going to last a long time. 

For starters, the combination of good materials and stronger stitches than the usual is going to be crucial for the overall durability you are going to get. 

So that’s the main reason why I believe this product is built to last. Even with a somewhat lower price the product still has a decent overall size. We are talking about 18” in length and 3” in width. 

With the help of the additional thumb loop and strong velcro strap, you are going to be sure the whole thing stays exactly in the right place during your intense calisthenic workouts. 

The combination of great red color, correct size, and simple design is what makes this model suitable for both men and women despite their wrist size differences. 

A few additional things I like are the lifetime return policy, the good customer service and the fact that they are washing machine friendly. 

That is something very interesting because I personally haven’t seen any other model that is confirmed to be machine washable. 

Quick Summary:

If you are on a very tight budget and are still looking for something that is going to stand a lot of beating you may like this last item. It’s made from thick, decently sized materials and extra stitching.

Because of the strong velcro, the additional thumb loop and unisex design, I do think it’s worth a shot. It’s a simple product with 300+ great reviews. Click the button below to see what other people have to say.


  • Very affordable
  • Can be used by both small or big wrists
  • Good price and very decent quality
  • Ideal length and width
  • Stronger stitches and
  • Lifetime return policy
  • Have a thumb loop


  • Bad initial smell – need to be washed
  • Because of the price, these may not last long

Click Here to check their latest price on Amazon

7 Important Features You Should Know Before You Buy Your First Set Of Wrist Wraps for Calisthenics

There are a few useful things you should know before you open your wallet and buy the best wrist wraps for calisthenics.

Trust me if you can spare a few minutes to read it do it! 

Knowing everything listed below can be literally a lifesaver because it has the ability to save you money, time, energy, nerves and most importantly problems along the way. 

Even if I have included all features most people find useful that doesn’t mean they are right for you.

I would repeat again if I have to that everybody is different so look only for the features you find helpful and things you are almost sure you are going to use later on. 

In short use, these features as something like a map and use your needs as the main concern.

Let’s check the first feature…

1. What is the best wrist wrap length?

From personal experience, I can tell that in order to get enough wrist support you have to get the right amount of length.

If you want to be on the point you should aim to get somewhere between 14” and 24”.

This is the so-called “the golden spot” of wraps. 

Аny length above 24” is going to be too much and it’s may result in too much excess material which may lead to a stiff and uncomfortable experience.

It also may take extra time to constantly wrap and unwrap so much material around your wrists.

If you have regular size wrists it’s good practice to avoid anything below 14” of length because that amount of wrapping material is not going to provide you with enough wrist support you may need. 

This may not be the case for people who have very thin wrists but even then I would go for a little thicker wrap in order to be safe. 

2. What is the perfect wrist wrap thickness?

When it comes to overall thickness there are 2 main types – thin and thick. Both types can be used for calisthenics and other types of training but there are some slight differences we are going to explain.

Let’s start with the thinner ones.

They are made from a somewhat thin and soft (usually cotton) type of material which is stretchy and very comfortable to wear. 

Because of the smaller thickness, this type of wrist wraps are usually longer and can be used for both mobility and strength and endurance type of training. 

Because of how they are made they can provide you with a better range of motion than the thicker (normal) option.

Thicker wraps, on the other hand, are specifically designed to limit a lot the movement of your wrists. the 

Because of the thickness, you won’t really need to have too much length because everything could result in way too bulky and uncomfortable experience. 

This type of wrist support isn’t designed for anything different than strength type of training with a lot of stress.

Depending on what is the type of your calisthenic training or whatever else you may be doing pick the ones that fit your personal needs the best. 

There isn’t a right or wrong decision when it comes to thickness. 

As you have seen both could be used for regular training but thicker ones are somewhat more well known. That’s why we have included both types in the top 5 list above.

3. What material are the best for wrist wraps?

This is one of the most important things you should know before you make your order. Good materials are somewhat the base of a good wrist wrap.

The top 3 best materials you should look for are elastin, cotton, and polyester.

In the best case possible you are going to have a product made from a big amount of cotton combined with elastin and polyester. 

All bring their benefits to the table so aim for products which have at least one of them. 

Let’s dive deep into the importance of those materials.

Make sure you have a decent amount of elastin because this is the main reason for the flexibility of the wrap.

The lack of this material may result in poor flexibility and a very stiff and uncomfortable experience. Even then I don’t believe is important as the next basic material.

And yes I’m talking about cotton.

Cotton is a naturally soft and breathable material that is going to be responsible for the comfortable feeling you get when you put on your wraps on your wrists.

So if you don’t want sweaty, smelly and irritating wraps you should look for wraps that are made with a high percentage of cotton

If you don’t see any cotton whatsoever in a pair you are checking out the best thing you can do is to skip it!

Finally, let’s don’t forget the importance of the third and last basic material – polyester.

This is the main material that is responsible for durability and keeping everything at one piece. 

Hey, do you feel overwhelmed?

Don’t be! You won’t have to worry about these many details because all the products above include at least one of those important materials.

Quick Tip:

А good rule of thumb is to stay away from somewhat thinner wraps (unless they are designed to be thinner on purpose) because they are usually made with cheap and not durable materials and are going to wear and tear quicker than expected.

If you have sensitive skin like me and really find very irritating clothing labels and always cut them off then I suggest you make sure the inside of the wrap of your choice is not too rough because it’s very annoying when the skin becomes itchy and irritable. 

Another little detail you may want to take a look at is whether the model is machine washable. Even if this is not a life-changing detail it could be still a useful thing to have because it could save you some time and effort.

Try to learn how well do the built-in materials absorb moisture. 

You want to have materials that can easily absorb all the created sweat in order to keep your hands somewhat dry.

An even better option is going to be if the material is breathable and that way there won’t be big amounts of sweat needed to be absorbed (cotton fits this role perfectly!).

Your goal should be this:

You want wraps that are lightweight, flexible and can easily be wrapped and carry around when not in use. And of course, you want them to be made using at least one of the materials listed above!

When talking about carrying around I want to add that there are a few models that offer an additional carry bag which I find very handy and cool little addition to have. 

4. How good is the wrap closure system?

I do believe this feature is somewhat important because every single time before, maybe during and after training you will have to wrap and unwrap the wrist wraps. 

That simple process is going to get repeated hundreds or even thousands of times.

And if the locking system is not well made this is the first thing that can break and stop holding properly.

Actually from the huge amount of products I have seen and thousands of reviews read I have come to the conclusion that the closing system is what usually gives trouble. 

And that is really bad because with not this not working you won’t have the option to wrap around tight the product in order to provide you with strong enough support.

The 2 most common wrap closure systems are Velcro and cord. 

It’s well known that most wraps use the good old velcro closing system. And they are not wrongdoing so because the velcro holding system is the easiest and fastest way to secure them tightly in one place on your wrists. 

The main downside of this method is that some companies try saving money and using cheaply made velcro which results in poor to none holding after about 50 uses or so. 

Another common mistake is poor velcro alinement resulting in no sticky material to hold on to.

There are fewer products that use a special cord which you have to “tie” in a special quick process every time you want to wear the wraps.

I find this not very convenient because it’s a little more complicated and takes a longer time to complete compared to the velcro. 

That’s also true when it comes to fast adjustment.

What I really like about cord is the fact that it’s much more durable than the velcro and if taken care of properly literally indestructible.

5. Do your wrist wraps need to have a thumb loop? (And what it does)

Don’t worry if you don’t know what a thumb loop is. I’m going to give my best to explain it. 

So a thumb loop is a little hole made using extra fabric that is designed to go around your thumb in order to help you hold the wrist wrap in one place during your calisthenic and other types of explosive workouts.

So after you have a clue what it is and what it does you may ask yourself it this little feature is important to have or not. other types

And the honest answer is this:

I won’t really call having a thumb loop necessary to have but it does certainly help a little having one.

I personally use wraps without any thumb loops and they are still going an excellent job so even if a model doesn’t have them that doesn’t mean you are missing a lot.

If you come up with a model that does have an extra loop make sure the fabric is well stitched to the base and it does stay comfortably around your finger when in use.

The good news is that some designs are made so you are not really required to use it so even if you don’t feel comfortable putting it around your thumb you can still use the wrap on your wrist.

At the end of the day, it’s your decision to make if you need them or not. If you personally find this feature important go for it. Even if you don’t you certainly won’t go wrong.

Here’s a quick video showing you how you can use the help of the thumb loop:

6. Are wrist wraps comfortable? What should you know

I know that you probably won’t find this feature important enough to read it but I do recommend you do because a while back I had a pretty nasty involvement with one of the worst possible wrist wraps I have ever worn. 

If you are going to wear them regularly and for long periods you surely want to feel comfortable doing so.

In order to do so, a good tip is going to be to stay away from rough, thick and stiff type of wraps. Make sure they have a soft, breathable and non-itchy inner part so you would have a comfortable experience wearing them.

Out of these things I find breathability to be the most important because is allowing good ventilation for your wrist. 

That, on the other hand, does not allow them to sweat too much meaning after an intensive calisthenic workout you won’t result in the regular smelly and soaking wet wraps. 

And guess what? 

They are going to be the perfect place for bacteria to grow. 

I don’t believe you want such thing right?

7. What is the perfect price for wrist wraps?

I’m pretty aware of the fact that you can get dirty cheap wrist wraps if you dig deep into the market but let’s answer this simple question: 

Is it really worth it?

From personal experience, I have proven again and again that many cheap things lack proper quality and endurance. And the case it’s not that very different when it comes to wraps. 

When going for a specific price range our recommendation is going to be to go for something in the middle.

That way you are making sure you are getting something that won’t tear after a few weeks of usage.

The good news is that all 5 products reviewed above are right into that price range. 

That’s one good reason to check them out if you already haven’t done so.

Wrist Wraps and Calisthenics: The Next Steps

Now you have enough information to be do the final decision. 

And I highly recommend you to use it wisely and pick one of the top 5 wraps I have reviewed above.

It shouldn’t be a too difficult decision to make because all wraps are solid and to be honest are usually one of the cheapest equipment for calisthenics you can get. 

But we are not done…

In order to get the MAXIMUM from this article you need to follow these 3 simple steps:


Take 3 seconds and download our in-depth guide “How to Start Calisthenics: The Ultimate Guide“.

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Here you go:

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Pick a winner and go!

If you still have a tough time picking a specific product for your type of training I would recommend you go for the Rogue Fitness wrist wraps I currently use (the image below).

Click Here to check their latest price on Amazon

No matter the type of your training you won’t go wrong if you decide to go with my straps.

Their wraps are very well made, affordable and works fine. Plus you are given a lot of color options to choose from.


Master the art of calisthenics!

If you are looking for more calisthenic equipment I highly recommend you to check one of my best articles on this subject.

I have similar posts talking about gloves with straps, shoes, kettlebells, parallettes, gymnastic rings and much more. (all bodyweight training related)

If you want to see all posts please Click Here to go to the category page.

Either way, I really hope you had found this article useful and it helped you learn something new.

If you want to support me, feel free to leave a comment or share it with a friend. It would really mean a lot.

Thank you for the time and see you soon!

– Bozhidar

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