Top 5 Best Workout Gloves for Calisthenics in 2020 [Cheap]

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If you want to protect your arms from nasty injuries, calluses, tears, and bruises but you don’t have a clue which gloves to pick you have come to the right place.

Below you will learn all the important things you should look for in a good pair of gloves and you will find out what are the best gloves for calisthenics on today’s market and why.

In a hurry?

If you are in a hurry and don’t want to read the entire post which I highly recommend my personal winner is the Mava Sports Training Gloves because they are very well made, affordable and have all the necessary features you want.

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Having that said let’s get into the fun stuff…

4 Things You Should Look for in Good Gloves for Bar Calisthenics

Below you will learn all the important things you should really know before you pick one of the 5 models I will review later on.

I highly recommend you not to skip this section because an informed decision is always better in the long term.

Let’s begin with the first important thing…

1. What is the type of the gloves?

If you are not already familiar there are usually 2 different types of gloves on the market:

The first type is the full finger coverage glove aka “the normal glove“.

The second type is gloves without fingers. There are quite unique types and models when it comes to them.

At this point you should probably have a similar question like this:

“Ok, so what are the best calisthenics gloves …? Are they fingerless or not …?

I don’t believe there is a specific answer to this question because both have their good and bad sides and it really comes to personal preferences. That being said now we will get into more detail.

We will now check out each type and what are its pros and cons.

Let’s start with the full finger gloves…

Full finger coverage gloves

A really good thing that full finger gloves offer is something that not many people think about – hygiene. Nobody can be completely sure what has previously happened with those rusty and oily bars and how many bacteria are there… 

My advice is not to underestimate this

Let me tell you why… 

If you already have an open wound no matter the size of it, you stand a high chance of infection. Imagine that a blister on your palm pops during your workout, this, my friends is an easy entrance for germs and dirt. So why splash out on medicine when you can simply purchase a good and protective pair of gloves.

However, this kind of gloves doesn’t allow your hands to breathe as good as compared to the ones without fingers which usually have a pretty open design.

This can be really annoying especially when you workout and you’re all heated up and stuff. On the other side if you are working out in really cold or unpleasant weather having a full glove can really be a great benefit.

Another downside of these gloves is that they limit your flexibility to some extent. You won’t be able to move your hands as freely as with fingerless gloves.

Gloves without fingers

On the contrary, fingerless gloves give you a full range of motion as they allow your fingers to move more freely.

In my opinion, those gloves are a better alternative for calisthenics workouts because they keep your hands dry. It may be really unpleasant sometimes when your gloves are soaked up in sweat.

Having a more open design can be really helpful to prevent these types of situations.

As I previously said don’t forget to keep in mind what is the main season you are going to use them.

Last but definitely not least, fingerless gloves in some way improve your natural grip overtime as with them you also use to some extent your bare hands to hold the bar for example. You don’t rely only on the fabric to protect your palms.

2. What about quality and materials?

This is certainly a key factor when choosing the best pair of gloves for you. From personal experience, I can tell you that under no circumstances should you compromise on the quality. Just imagine how disappointing it would be if your gloves ripped during your workout. Yep, that has happened to me and I had to go and get another pair …

Most gloves out there are made of leather, nylon or neoprene. If you are looking for high quality you should definitely be checking for one of those. The good news is that all 5 models listed and reviewed below are made using one or a combination of those great materials.

You want gloves that are somehow thick and have extra padding on the most important parts on the front side. That would really help you when you are using them for gripping and don’t want bad consequences.

If for example, your gloves are very thin they will most likely tear down easily or will not provide you with enough protection and you will still get the same blisters and calluses as if you are training with bare hands. 

So answer me this: What’s the point of wearing any gloves if you will get the same injuries?

I know there isn’t any. That’s why you should look for ones with good protection.

If they are thicker you want them to be somehow breathable because it will surely won’t be really comfortable if you sweat too much. Trust me wearing soaked and wet gloves in the cold isn’t something you want to experience ever again.

Finally, there are some models out there that have specially designed non-slip material on the front side of the glove. I really recommend you pick something like this if you have the option because they gloves which have that material could sometimes literally glue your hand to anything you hold. Trust me that can be very helpful not only in calisthenics.

3. Do you need freedom of movement?

As there are some very stiff and limiting gloves there are also very flexible ones. When you are wearing workout gloves for calisthenics you surely want to have as much movement as possible with ease.

Size goes hand in hand with flexibility. When picking the right size for you it’s highly recommended to check the provided instructions from the manufacturer if you don’t want to have a bad experience. 

If the gloves are too small for your hands it will be really hard for you to move your hands freely inside them and that will very much limit your movement. On the opposite, if they are too large for your palms you will not have a good overall experience wearing them. In many cases, if your hand has some extra space to shift around inside the glove that will most likely result in unwanted blisters.

Aim for the ones that are the best size for your hands! 

Go for some lightweight breathable material such as nylon or mesh if flexibility is really important for you. We all know that some types of leather aren’t very flexible.

You don’t want your gloves to be too thick either because that way they won’t be very flexible. And not only that, gripping something using thick padding will worsen your grip power and overall endurance. This is especially bad for people who don’t have very strong grip power.

Quick Tip: A good way to test the flexibility of a glove is to put it on and try to flex your palm. Then rotate your wrist in a 360-degree circle. When you are doing this you shouldn’t really feel any unnecessary stiffness or lack of movement. If you do it’s better to simply return them back and use the money to order different ones.

4. Do they have built-in wrist straps?

Some of the best calisthenic gloves out there come with pre-built velcro straps that you can easily wrap around your wrist. Doing this not only holds them tightly in one place but it also really helps your wrists. 

It’s very important not to ignore wrist straps when it comes to calisthenics training.

Using wrist straps really helps you keep your wrists sturdy and secure in one line with your palms. Having straight wrist when doing any exercise provides you with better form and control over the whole movement which results in better outcomes.

Straps also protect your wrists from unwanted stress that could cause pain and discomfort and even lead to serious injuries on rare occasions.

If you have a choice to pick out of 2 models – the first model has wrist straps and the second one doesn’t I would highly recommend you to pick the one with the wrist straps.

Trust me, your wrists will really enjoy this decision in the long term.

Top 5 Best Gloves for Calisthenics 2020

Here’s a list of the top 5 best workout gloves you can use for all kinds of training including calisthenics.

All models here are made by trusty brands and offer you all you need. I’ve included different types of gloves so you can pick the ones that suit your needs the best.

Let’s start with the first model…

#1 – Fit Active Sports Ventilated Gloves

Click the image to see the latest pricing on Amazon

The first pair we will check out is made from a brand named Fit Active Sports. This specific model could be a very good choice if you are into calisthenics. The gloves are quite stretchy which makes them useful for all kinds of different exercises.

They are designed that way so they cover the entire palm including the thumb. That makes sure your hands are well protected from unnecessary calluses and bruises.

They are made by special silicon printed neoprene which is resistant to heat, aging, water, chemicals, and oils. As you can see this is a very good material to have and if you take good care of the gloves they can surely last you a very long time.

This model is offered in 6 different sizes to choose from which makes it the ideal choice for all types of people – men, women, and even children. What I don’t like about this specific model is that the only color they offer is black.

What I like is that both gloves come with an added velcro wrist wraps which you can easily adjust for your own personal needs. As I have previously said having such addition is really what the best gloves for calisthenics must-have. Wrist wraps really help isolate your wrists and protect them from unnecessary stress and injuries.

I really like the open design of these gloves because of a few things. Firstly having only 5 holes to place your fingers instead of the traditional glove makes putting them on and removing them a lot quicker and easier process. 

The second thing is that with them having an open back you won’t have any issues with sweating and overheating your palms.

The overall glove padding is thick enough so it could provide you with comfort while not being too much so you would have a difficult time using your grip.

  • Unique Breathable Design
  • Perfect padding width
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Includes wrist wraps
  • 6 different sizes to choose from
  • Good non-slip palm material
  • Full palm protection for your hands
  • They are only available in black color
  • Velcro can be longer
  • Velcro is backward

#2 – Jerkfit’s WODies

Click the image to see the latest pricing on Amazon

What I really like about the second model is that they are made in the USA using good quality materials. Fix me if I’m wrong but when I’m shopping online I rarely find good products made in the USA and that’s a reason why I really like this model.

JerkFit provides you with a very big variety when it comes to size and color. You have the option to pick one out of 4 sizes and 8 colors. That is a pretty big amount of choice when it comes to gloves.

If you haven’t noticed yet this model has a special design that uses only 3 of your fingers because mainly calluses and injuries are made there.

Another thing about this minimalistic design I like is that it gives you the best freedom of movement of all 5 models out there.

They are very lightweight and made using a thinner layer of neoprene than the previous model use. A great thing about this specific material is that it’s designed not to bunch or pinch and sort of slide on your palm when wearing the glove.

The thinner layer will help you preserve your well-earned calluses while on the other hand protects you from unwanted tears and vesicles. At the same time, this model provides all your fingers with direct exposure to the workout surface giving you a better feel and grip strength.

Another great thing about having a thinner layer of protection is that it doesn’t restrict your grip power in any shape or form. That’s sort of a big plus when it comes to workout gloves.

The WODies come with pre-built 3-inch elastic wrist wraps which can easily be adjusted to your specific needs using the 2-stage adjustment system. That’s a great thing because it makes putting them on a very simple process while at the same time you are protecting your wrists from stress.

The material absorbs water and sweat and works very nicely in a combination with chalk. 

If you are looking for some sort of protection but still want to have your calluses and get the best grip you can then this model might be a great fit for you.

  • Very big variety of size and color to choose from
  • Great minimalistic design giving you all grip power while protecting you
  • Has built-in 3-inch wrist wraps for extra support
  • Washer dryer friendly
  • Covers your whole palm, while leaving your thumb free
  • Made in the USA using good materials
  • The padding is not thick leaving you with less protection
  • Does not protect from calluses or other injuries

#3 – Bionic Full Finger Training Gloves

Click the image to see the latest pricing on Amazon

Let’s check out the other side when it comes to training gloves. These Bionic full finger gloves could be another great choice for anybody looking to protect their hands during calisthenics workouts.

I know how annoying it is to try to do something on your phone while wearing gloves. You have to constantly remove them and put them on again and again… 

The good news is that all 5 fingertips from this model are made with a special material that provides you with the ability to use your touch screen devices at any time during your workout.

A great thing is that this model uses a patented relief-pad system that helps you distribute evenly the pressure.

The genuine leather with a combination with good padding makes them really good for protecting your hands from blisters, calluses or other unpleasant injuries.

They use a special design that is made so you have the best freedom of movement following the natural curve of your hands. That’s pretty cool having in mind that this is a full finger glove and most models out there could be the exact opposite.

Bionic has thought about sweat and added a polytowel thumb which acts like a towel. You can use to wipe out unnecessary sweat. They also include special absorbing pads inside the glove to help you with perspiration so you wouldn’t have to worry about sweating.

The gloves are designed to be some sort breathable using special cool-on material with a combination of lycra.

You can find the breathing material on the rear side of the gloves, on the highly flexing parts and between the fingers.

In my opinion, if a glove is not breathable it’s not worth buying it – especially where it comes to a full finger model like this one.

  • Provide complete protection for your hands
  • Genuine letter and thick and good padding
  • Great design gives you flexibility and freedom of movement
  • Use breathable material on important places
  • Have touch screen fingertips
  • Good built-in sweat absorbing pads
  • Can be machine washed
  • Touch screen fingertips might not work properly after some washes
  • Doesn’t provide any wrist support

#4 – Mava Sports Training Gloves with Wrist Support – The Winner

Click the image to see the latest pricing on Amazon

Mava Sports offer you a really great deal with these gloves without fingers. For the price, you are paying you are really getting some high-quality pair of gloves.

They are made for both men and women because of the variety of colors and sizes you are provided with. You can choose black, sky blue, pink or red with a combination of one of the 6 sizes that will fit your hands.

Both gloves come with 15’’ long adjustable wrist wraps that provide your wrists with extra support while protecting them from unnecessary stress.

The pair is lightweight, flexible and well padded so you can do freely all your favorite calisthenic movements. 

Customers share that the thickness of the padding is right on the spot. It’s not too thin nor too thick and bulky so you wouldn’t have any problems whatsoever.

I really like how the design is made so you have complete freedom over your thumbs. That will most likely result in better grip and more power.

The backside is purposely made open so you would have good ventilation and keep the sweat and bad smell away.

The materials used in them make them really stretchy which is always a good thing and will definitely help if you mistakenly bought a smaller size.

Finally one of my favorite things about the Mava gloves is that previous customers confirm they fit very well and are comfortable to wear. We all know the feeling when we are wearing something uncomfortable. That’s why I really prefer comfort over design.

For me, this model has everything you want a glove to have and you wouldn’t be wrong if you decide to check it out and even bought it.

  • Breathable and flexible design
  • Nice padding and palm protection
  • Long and adjustable wrist straps
  • Complete freedom over your thumbs movement
  • Easy cleaning
  • They fit very well and are comfortable to wear
  • Great price for the quality
  • Some people say it’s better to have thumb padding too.
  • Suggested measurements are not very accurate

#5 – Skott Double-Stitching Workout Gloves 

Click the image to see the latest pricing on Amazon

The fifth and final model comes from a brand named skott. The quality of these gloves is as good as all 4 previous designs.

The skott gloves come in 2 colors – black/white or only black. When it comes to size you got 5 different options to choose from. The design is made unisex meaning both men and women can wear them for training. Both beginners or advanced people can get the same benefit out of them.

The exterior uses special anti-slip palms gel that can really be useful when it comes to solid grip and slippery surfaces.

The complete finger-free design protects your whole palms from blisters and calluses using thick and comfortable padding on the places you really need it.

If you are looking for gloves that can provide you with wrist support this could be a great match. Each glove comes with an extra-wide double wrist wrap for extra control and protection.

I know how annoying it can be to remove a tight glove but you won’t have any problems with this model. With the help of the upper pull-off tape, you can remove them with one simple pull.

A little but useful bonus you get is the removable plastic hook that can be really handy for transport and storage.

Scott has done a very good job with ventilation because each glove has breathable material between the fingers and on the backside of the model.

I really like the additional double stitching and knuckle protectors. You surely don’t want gloves that will tear apart in only a few weeks of use and if you like to add some knuckle push-ups the protectors can be really handy.

Don’t forget to keep in mind that previous buyers are quite happy with the overall quality and longevity of these gloves.

Skott has provided us with a very good product for the buck. If you like them go for it! 

  • Good choice of different sizes
  • Protects the whole palm and all fingers
  • Extra wide adjustable wrist straps
  • Removable plastic hook for storage and portability
  • Anti-slip gen and nice thick padding for protection
  • Remove them easily with pull-off tape
  • Easy returns and replacements
  • Not made in the USA
  • Must be work a couple of times before the stitches become comfortable
  • Some people say it’s better to have thumb padding too.
  • Suggested measurements are not very accurate

Why do you need gloves for calisthenics?

If for some reason you still are not sure if you really need to get a pair of great gloves here are 7 good reasons why you should:

1. Wearing gloves protects your hands from getting calluses, tears, bruises and other nasty injuries you surely don’t want to have.

2. They can actually help you get better results because your focus goes entirely into the movement, not your grip. You can easily focus on the muscle or movement you are trying to do. I believe we all know that moment when we feel some pain or discomfort and we can’t ignore it and pay attention to other, more important things.

3. When training for a longer time your hands tend to get sweaty, so gloves may come in handy preventing you from slipping off the bar or whatever else you are holding.

4. During heavy and long workouts your grip becomes weaker and it becomes quite uncomfortable to keep holding and that’s where gloves come in play. They add additional comfort and convenience making your long workouts more enjoyable.

5. A while ago I had to do some push-ups in a place where somebody has broken a beer bottle. Guess what would have happened if I wasn’t wearing protective gloves. Now you understand how a pair of gloves can protect your hands from rough surfaces and sharp objects.

6. Most designs out there offer you additional wrist support that can be really beneficial in the long term for your wrists.

7. They improve your overall safety when training because the chance of you dropping yourself or something heavy is limited because of the better friction you get.

Final Thoughts 

As you have already seen there are different types of gloves each one having its own good and bad characteristics.

I hope all the provided information above was useful to you and it helped you pick a winner. After all, I highly recommend you to pick a pair that is specifically designed for you and your type of calisthenics workouts.

If for any reason you are having a difficult time deciding which one should you go for I will try to make this decision easy for with my own personal preference.

For me, the best gloves for calisthenics are the Mava Sports Training Gloves

I really like them over the other models because of the open thumb-free design. I believe they are a perfect choice for pull-ups, dips, push-ups and more.

There is a pretty decent amount cushion combined with a non-slip material that will protect your hands while working out. I like to have wrist support and this is something this model provides me with.

They are also very stretchy, lightweight and comfortable to wear. Finally, I really like the color and size options Mava provides us with. I believe they are worth every penny of their price.

If you want to learn more about them please Click Here to get the latest reviews and price on Amazon.

Again I will say to you that this is my personal choice and if you do not agree with me it’s totally fine. That’s why I’ve included 4 more very good models you can check out above.

I really hope this post was helpful when it comes to buying a good pair of gloves.

If you have read the whole post now you know what are the best gloves for calisthenics and why.

Thank you for reading my article. If you liked it and find it useful please share it with others.

Don’t forget to comment below your thoughts and connect with me.

See you again!

– Bozhidar 

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