About FittyLife

About FittyLife

FittyLife is an online website and blog that teaches people how to get more healthy, active, and achieve great long term results.

We only rely on scientific studies, real-life experience and common sense.

Our goal is to use the power of the internet to help as many people as possible to transform their lives and become happier, happier, and in shape.

“We help people build muscle, burn fat, build habits, and become more healthy and athletic.”

Our Story

I bought the domain FittyLife back in 2019 where I was just starting out.

Even if I’ve got a ton of knowledge and experience with different types of training, eating and clients I’ve never have a good place to share it with others.

Sure I’ve currently got over 2500+ subscribers on Youtube but that’s nothing and to prepare, shoot videos and get only a couple of hundred views per video is not good…

With the help of the internet I learned that one of the best places you can reach hundreds and even thousands of people is Google.

And what do you need for Google?

… a website.

And that’s how FittyLife.com was borned.

Ever since we own huge variety of different articles on many different topic including training, recovery, eating and equipment.

With the current growth of readers and great email replies we’ve got every day (people actually enjoy our content) I’m happy to tell that I’m very happy that I started Fittylife back them.

Reading all those positive things really motivates us to continue to expand and change as many lives as possible.


<strong>Bozhidar Karailiev</strong>
Bozhidar Karailiev
Owner, Editor and Author
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